FAQ Applicants

Can I start working for you immediately after having passed the job interview?

No, unfortunately not. You must attend our training course for beginners first. It is at the training course that we will get to know you, and you will get to know us better.  After the training course we will decide whether you and our company are compatible, and if successful, then you will become part of our Personality family.

I have worked at the last trade fair but only received half of the pay. Why?

Presumably the trade fair started at the end of month X and ended at the beginning of month Y. Because we are working with daily pro-rata billing you will receive the pay for hours worked in month X with the salary payment this month and the pay for hours worked in month Y with the salary payment next month.

I would like to work as a hostess only. Is this possible?

Only if you speak English and German fluently, have catering skills and have participated in our basic training course. As a hostess you are assigned to a stand of our international customers and have been booked as a hostess for all eventualities. This means you would have to make the coffee, prepare bread rolls, restock brochures, keep the kitchen, bar and service area clean, support and serves the guests at the stand as well as the stand personnel, help with language difficulties and many other roles. The wide remit of this role requires experience and skills in the catering trade prior to this post to ensure that you are best-prepared for your job as a hostess.

Do I need to meet you for a personal interview in your office?

Yes, of course! We would like to get to know you and would like to ascertain whether you will suit our team.

When will I receive my pay?

We work with daily pro-rata billing; this means that our billing is sent to our tax accountant upon the completion of the particular accounting month. Due to their handling time and the bank’s transfer time, you will receive your wage on the 20th of the subsequent month at the latest.

I haven’t received the pay for last month’s work. Why?

Presumably the documents you are required  to hand in were not complete, for example the signed contract of employment, tax details, personal data questionnaire for this month, multiple employment statement, residence and employment permit, valid certificate of registration or school certificate. Have you handed in everything and still did not get paid? Please contact munt@personality-hannover.de and we will find out the reason. 

Why do I have to complete the personal data questionnaire each month?

On the personal data questionnaire we are not only asking for unchangeable essential personal data like name, birthday, National Insurance Number etc. but we are also asking for data that could change from month to month, e.g. if and when you have worked for another company and how much you have earned there. We need this data to ensure your registration with the German Social Insurance System is correct.

How do I get booking requests for events?

Once our client has decided on the personnel they need for their event, we will send an SMS to all our employees who are deemed suitable for this job. After having checked your calendar, if you are available please confirm your acceptance via SMS. Please note that your acceptance is binding and we will definitely enlist you for this job. You will receive a further SMS, one day before the event, with the date and meeting point, requested dress-code as well as the name of the contact person on-site.  

How do I get booking requests for trade fairs?

Depending on which trade fair we will at the earliest opportunity send our booking requests via e-mail to all our employees. After having checked your calendar and if you are available please confirm your acceptance via a return e-mail. Please note that your acceptance is binding and we will definitely enlist you full-time for the trade fair having matched your skills and talents as perfectly as possible to your assignment. Should you only be available for single days or for evening events during the duration of the trade fair, we would of course enlist you for jobs matching your dates of availability exactly. Your confirmation of a job is binding and so it is essential that any agreed dates are recorded and remembered by you. Additionally you will find the trade fair schedule on our homepage. 

How can I become a Personality employee?

Just fully complete the online application form and add an up-to-date photo. We will peruse your information, and will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you need my National Insurance Identity Card?

No, but you will need to provide us with your National Insurance Number.

Is it possible to assign for a trainee ship at Personality's?

All trainee ship positions are currently assigned. You are welcome to hand in your application documents in 2018.

Is it possible to work freelance for you?

No. We need proof of your tax details because we will duly register you with the German Social Insurance System and pay according to the German income tax system.

What do I need to bring to job interview?

Please bring all relevant information: wage tax identification number, certificate of matriculation or enrollment, passport, residence title for specific purposes, work permit. We advise you to dress smartly, because after a successful job interview we arrange a photo profile of you for our clients. You will need a black top and a hair tie for the photo shoot.

How do I find your office?

We are located directly at the exhibition halls in Hannover, Germany. If you are travelling via the subway, please take the Number 8 tram to Messe Nord, alight here and bear left. You are now heading to entrance North 2. Before reaching the entrance you will see the electric gate on the right hand side. Please enter the exhibition hall through the passenger door on the left hand side of the electric gate. You will see hall 2 on the left hand side. Please walk through hall 2 until its end and turn left. You are now heading straight to hall 3 and 4. Between these halls you see the covered passage-way which you follow until the roof ends. On the right hand side you will now see the branded windows of our company on the first floor. Please walk through the next glass door on the right hand side and follow the directional arrow to the first floor. Welcome to Personality’s!