FAQ Clients

What kind of personnel do I get booking via your agency?

We mainly provide students for all areas dealing with catering, hosts and hostesses hospitality, promotions and logistics.

Is your personnel insured?

Personality makes all legal contributions for our personnel concerning National Insurance, employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance. This is why we are working with Personnel Leasing Contracts. 

What are your agency’s work ethics?

We are taking good care of our personnel and we would like to be sure that our employees feel comfortable working for us and our clients any time. This is why we reserve our right to decline unethical or sexist requests or requirements. In case of racist comments and taunts or other politically incorrect behaviour we will immediately stop working for you and terminate our collaboration.

Do I have to book business attire from Personality’s range, or is it possible that your personnel can wear attire provided by me?

If you have your own business dress-code for your trade fair stand, your promotion or event, our personnel will naturally be happy to wear any outfit provided by you, our client. Please explain your vision to us and send a visual documentation of your ideas and we will seek to find the matching team of personnel for you.

Why do I have to complete Annex 3 to the Personnel Leasing Contract and could you explain the incidental surcharges for working nights, Sundays and on public holidays? auf sich?

Due to equal payment the incidental surcharges for night work, Sunday employment and working on public holidays will be calculated in line with the surcharges that the client pays their own employees. We are therefore obliged by law to receive a written agreement outlining the percentages paid for any surcharges by the client.

Do your employees care for cleaning and can also be assigned in the kitchen?

The mutual clearance and maintenance of good levels of hygiene around the assignment area is implicit within our service. Light kitchen work is also part of our employees’ responsibility regardless of which assignment you originally booked our personnel for. 

Do your employees have a food hygiene certificate?

Yes, every Personality employee has a valid food hygiene certificate available according to instruction to §43 of the German Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG).

What happens if I cancel the booked personnel at short notice?

A fee of 50 % of the total order will be billed for cancellations received between one and two weeks prior to the scheduled period. No refund will be made for cancellations received less than one week before the start of employment.

Which additional costs will occur after booking?

There won't be any additional charges e.g. agency fees, organisation fees or anything similar. Exhibitor tickets for our personnel will be provided by you, our client. Since we are working with an Unlimited Employee Allocation, a Personnel Leasing Contract will be established with your company. Based on the Personnel Leasing Contract, incidental surcharges may be incurred for night, Sunday work or work on a public holiday. If your event or trade fair takes place outside Hannover, Germany, additional costs for shuttle transfer and accommodation will be charged whenever we are unable to provide local staff. Please ask for an individual offer.

Can I book and pay your personnel directly or do booking and payment have to be made exclusively via your agency?

The booking of our personnel is exclusively via our agency. The invoicing will also be made via Personality GmbH. Our employees are deployed through our agency and will be allocated to your company via a Personnel Leasing Contract for the duration of your event or trade fair.

Do you only offer available personnel and can I rely on the chosen personnel to really be working for me?

We first assess the availability of our personnel before arranging the selection for our clients. To guarantee a high level of availability we send the Sed Cards promptly to the trade fair. Since we are working with human beings there are occasional times where we need to make slight changes within the chosen personnel team due to illness, but we seek to minimise the risk of this happening.  Should the unfortunate need occur, we will of course inform you immediately and you will receive a more-than-adequate substitute.

Do I get a CV or Sed Card of the available personnel and am I allowed to make my choice?

We can not provide any Sed Cards for our waiting staff and we believe we are best placed for evaluating the skills of our personnel to provide the perfect match of employee with client. For our hosts, hostesses and promoters we will arrange a selection according to your requirements out of which you are welcome to choose. The Sed Cards provided by us include portrait photographs, personal details such as height, size, age and language skills of the particular employee. 

When is the latest I can book personnel?

Not later than the day prior to the event. The earlier your booking reaches us the better we can care for the unity of the personnel team and best prepare them for their assignment for your company.

How long does a booking take?

If your enquiry reaches us during our office hours we will naturally handle it the same day. After an agreed and confirmed booking the personnel team can be arranged within a few hours or days according to requirements.

Which languages are offered in your agency?

Good German and English skills are a premise. Further languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and many more can be offered on request.

How flexible can your personnel be?

Our personnel are universally deployable so they can be requested for and accommodating in any area. Our hostesses and promoters are as experienced as our waiting staffs and our logisticians and construction workers.

Is your personnel trained and which qualifications do they have?

In intensive recruitment and training courses we prime our students for their assignment for you, our client. If you have specific requirements regarding the personnel we will enjoy advising you in an individual consultation.


Are you also providing personnel for the manual preparations and exhibition stand construction?

Naturally, we provide you with our logisticians and construction workers to help you assemble and dismantle your stand, but we do not assign qualified exhibition stand constructors or skilled handymen. Please note that our logisticians and construction workers will only work under direction of your own stand builder or exhibition stand construction company.

What happens if your personnel get ill or hurt during the trade fair? Do you honour our agreement and replace any personnel?

Should our personnel become ill whilst working for you or become unable to work due to injury we will provide an adequate substitute as soon as possible.

Why are you working with Personnel Leasing Contracts?

We work with Personnel Leasing Contracts to create a committed team of employees for you, our client, by creating a transparent and secure arrangement whereby we look after all legal and security-relevant personnel concerns in advance. Personality makes all legal contributions for our personnel concerning National Insurance, employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance.

Do your personnel work as interpreter or translator?

Our language hostesses will support you in case of language difficulties on a normal conversational level. Trade-specific technical terms are not included. If you are in need of professionally skilled interpreters or translators, we would be happy to arrange contact with an interpreting office for you.